Tutorials & Techniques with Alias Studio



System Info

Project Examples

Watch Image Sketch the Details on a Watch
Watch Image SketchBook Designer to Alias


Project Examples

Watch Image How to Model the Blood Pressure Monitor
Watch Image How to Model a Shower Head

Getting Started - PDF

Technique Examples

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Working with Construction Planes

Surface Fillet Tool

Round Tool

Alias to Illustrator

Illustrator to Alias

Export for Rapid Prototyping

Export for Solidworks

Modeling a Spring

Basic Settings

Watch Image

Configuring the NVIDIA Graphics Card



Rendering - General

Rendering - Software

Rendering - Hardware

Technique Examples

Watch Image

Control Panel

Multi Lister

Canvas Image

Surface Mapping

Solid Mapping

Technique Examples

Watch Image

Rendering Resolution

Saving a Render Image

Rendering Quality

Shadow Quality

Technique Examples

Watch Image

Presenting a Project through Hardware Shade

Saving a Hardware View



Other Items

Technique Examples

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Time Slider

Key frame Shader

Key frame Basics

Delete Animation

Hierarchy Animation

Motion Path Animation

Parameter Control

Camera Animation



Advance Modeling