Summer Courses

2020 Summer Courses

For the 2020 Summer, I will be teaching a total of three courses. Two of these courses are part of the Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP) and offered during the early summer session. The third course is part of the regular summer courses but will be offered during the late summer session. All three courses will be taught asynchronous with prerecorded lessons and material available online through Canvas. Weekly group and individual help sessions be offered during the appropriate summer session.

SOUP Courses – Early Summer Session (May 11 – June 12)

Both of these classes are designed to be an introduction to the computer tools used in the Industrial Design process. Introduction to Computing I focuses on the 2D tools, while Introduction to Computing II looks at the model and render 3D tools. Click on the video to get a preview of the course material.

Introduction to Computing I (ID 3103-QUP)

Introduction to Computing II ((ID 3104-QUP)

Industrial Design Course (Late Summer Session (June 19 – July 21)

This course is being taught as part of the summer courses through the School of Industrial Design. It is not a SOUP course but will be delivered in a similar format (asynchronous with video help sessions).

Advance Rendering Techniques (ID 4823-3)

Make sure to watch both videos to have a good understanding about the course.