Solidworks Tutorials

Online Tutorials – Faculty, staff and students have free access to this online tutorial website

Learnsolidworks – SolidWorks Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

SolidWorks for ID – Older tutorials (2008) but examples and content very relevant

GrabCAD – GrabCAD is great resource (files, tutorials, competitions, etc) for SolidWorks and other CAD packages

Course Tutorials

(Tutorials developed for the course)

  • 3D Color Printing

  • Adding Entourage to an Image

  • Adding Entourage using Archvision Browser

  • Custom Bump Maps

  • Feature Configurations in SolidWorks

  • How to Add Architectural Entourage to a Scene

  • Laser Cutter

  • Rapid Prototyping Output

  • Software Instructions

  • SolidWorks – Adding Parting Lines

  • SolidWorks – Surface Cuts

  • SolidWorks – Using Split Tool

  • SolidWorks Scan Data

  • SolidWorks to Mudbox