Research Interest

Tim Purdy is a senior lecturer in Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design with a special interest in 3D development (scanning, modeling, rendering, animation, & rapid prototyping output) and interface prototyping. He teaches courses in introduction to 3D concepts, free-form modeling, advance modeling concepts, interface prototyping and advance immersive environments

His research focuses on the use of augmented reality with 3D rapid prototype models that overlay interface prototypes. The goal of the research is to help users have a high fidelity experience when testing 3D products with physical and embedded interfaces.

Tim has worked to help students apply technology to the design process by understanding the most effective way to use technology for research, ideation, and presentation while respecting the traditional methods. He teaches a series on introductory and advanced 3D classes, as well as a popular graduate level course on interface prototyping.

Checkout Master Thesis and Master Project that he has advised on:  MID Student’s Work

Tangible Augment Reality (TAR)

Courses Taught

Advance Immersive Environments (ID 8803 AIE Fall Semester)

Interface Prototyping (ID 6515 Spring Semester)

Advance Modeling Concepts (ID 4105 Fall Semester)

Advance Rendering Techniques (ID 4823 Summer Semester)