Gallery – 3D Modeling

Cradle Concepts

This gallery features conclusion of four assignments.  For the course, students had to design an interactive and articulating “device” holder or cradle for a desktop. Through the five assignments, students sketched concepts of the cradle, model the basic form, explored alternate forms, created final presentation renderings and made a working appearance model.  Students used SolidWorks as the CAD software to model the form and KeyShot to render and animate it. The first gallery shows images of the cradle concepts.

Cradle Animations

This gallery shows animations students created as part of their final assignment. The animation needed to include an exploded view of the cradle concept.

Victoria Chiang – Spring 2018

Heyward Smith – Spring 2018

Nick Sinclair – Spring 2018

Lin Francis – Spring 2018

Lucy Kates – Spring 2018

Mary Hirvela – Spring 2018