ID 4105

Advance Modeling Concepts

The Advance Modeling Concepts course will explore the concepts, tools and theories used to model and validate complex forms encountered in product design process. Tools such as 3D sketches, curves and reference geometry are the starting blocks to modeling. When combined with concepts such as surfaces, hybrid modeling or parametric modeling, more advance forms can start to emerge.

The course will include lectures, discussions and in-class demonstration. Some of the topics covered will include: solid, surface & hybrid modeling, continuity theory, curves, spines, 3D sketching, advance fillets, shelling, bodies and assemblies. The software used in this course will be SolidWorks 2010-2011 which is available through the OIT website for student use.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to demonstrate knowledge, skill and abilities in the following areas:

  • Use modeling methods such as master model, assemblies or hybrid modeling to help define approaches to complex forms
  • Evaluate forms to determine which geometry type (solid and surface) works the best
  • Understand how to use construct elements (spline, sketch, 3D sketch, curves, etc) as foundational pieces for modeling
  • Use techniques such as animation or motion studies to validate designs
  • Create details elements with specific tools such as boss, lip/groove, vents, etc.
  • Use design principles to create “best” practices for injection molding pieces


ID 3104 or equivalent introduction to CAD or 3D modeling course is required as a prerequisite.

Course Materials

None but recommended book: Solidworks – Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling by Matt Lombard. ISBN: 978-0-470-25823-1.

Class Time & Location

Tuesday & Thursday, 1:35 – 2:55 pm

Computing Lab – Room 358

Week Tuesday Thursday
1 Class Introduction Advance Modeling Overview
2 Assignment 1 – “Feature Based Modeling”
Presentation: Fastener Features
Fastener Features – Lesson 1
Fastener Features – Lesson 2
3 Fastener Features – Lesson 3 Assignment 1 Due
4 Assignment 2 – “Multi-Gen Modeling”
Presentation: Multi-Gen Modeling
Splines – Lesson 4
3D Splines – Lesson 5
Curves – Lesson 6
5 Sweep & Loft Solids – Lesson 7 Boundary & Fill – Lesson 8
6 Bodies – Lesson 9 Assignment 2 Due
7 Assignment 3 “Master Modeling”
Presentation: Master Modeling
Sweep & Loft Surfaces – Lesson 10
Managing Surfaces – Lesson 11
8 Advance Fillets – Lesson 12 Cut with Surface – Lesson 13
Shelling – Lesson 14
9 Fall Break Secondary Shapes – Lesson 15
Hybrid Features – Lesson 16
10 Direct Editing – Lesson 17 Assignment 3 Due
11 Assignment 4 – “Design Verification”
Exploded Assemblies – Lesson 18
AnimationsLesson 19
12 EvaluateLesson 20 Assignment 4 Due
13 Assignment 5 – “Modeling for Production”
Presentation Injection Molding
Mold Basics – Lesson 21
Mold Advance – Lesson 22
Design Cube – Lesson 23
Material & Thickness
14 Design Cube – Lesson 24
Hinges – Living & Pins
15 Design Cube – Lesson 25Surface Finish Design Cube – Lesson 25Mold Simulation
16 Assignment Work Assignment Work
17 Assignment 5 and Regrade projects due.

Assignment 1 – Feature Based Modeling

inttro_Assignment_1Students model a jewelry box to explore basic modeling techniques and must incorporate two of these Fastener Features: Lip/Groove, Mounting Boss, Snap Hook, Snap Hook Groove.

Assignment 2 – Multi-Gen Modeling

Students design and model a silverware set that includes three pieces: a spoon, knife and fork.

Assignment 3 – Master Modeling

Students create a detail model of an electronic product that includes a display, buttons (keypad along with other selection/navigation buttons), connectors, speaker and battery compartment.

Assignment 4 – Design Verification

Students create an assembly that is illustrated thru an animation or exploded view.

Assignment 5 – Modeling for Production

Students model a part that follow best design practices for injection molding.


SolidWorks Tutorial Page – Collection of links to tutorials developed for this course as well links to online tutorials

Intro to Computing II Playlist

(Must be GT student/faculty to use links below)
Playlist of Software

Basic Modeling in SolidWorks

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 1

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 2

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 3

Rendering using SolidWorks

ID 3104 SW Rendering with PhotoView 360 Lesson 1

ID 3104 SW Rendering with PhotoView 360 Lesson 2

ID 3104 SW Rendering with PhotoView 360 Lesson 3

Assemblies in SolidWorks

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 4

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 5

ID 3104 SolidWorks Lesson 6


SolidWorks – SolidWorks Website
eDrawing Viewer – eDrawing Viewer is available for Windows, Mac & iPad
DraftSight – Free 2D CAD Software”
3DVIA Composer – Share Your Story in 3D
SolidWorks Student Website – Great resource with tutorials and gallery

Other Information

Design Guidelines – protomold’s Rapid Injection Molding Design Guidelines

SolidWorks 2013 Bible – a great book to add to your library .. this is the official website which includes reference files to download