Storyboard Software

Check out this post about storyboard software.

Sketchfab Model

Comcast XR2 Remote Model

This is a Keyshot VR Interactive Presentation. Click and drag of the image to change the view of the remote.

Augment Reality 3D Model

Download the Augment app and scanned this PDF sheet. Interact with the 3D model by pinching or drag your finger over the model.  Mode to come!


Layar AR Sheets

Download the Layar app for either your iPhone or Android and scanned one of these attached images. Either a gallery of images or video will be shown for each image.

Contact-Sheet-Thumbnail-4 Contact-Sheet-Thumbnail-3 Contact-Sheet-Thumbnail-2 Contact-Sheet-Thumbnail-1

Designing the 2002 Torch

For the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games (SLOC), a team of designers and engineers from Georgia Tech was asked to help engineer design the Olympic Torch.

Winner! – KeyShot 3D Rendering Competition

I was the winner in the animation category.  Check out the results at the link above or click on the image to see the animation.