ID 3103

Introduction to Computing I

Introduction to ID Computing I is the first of 2 classes that introduces you to some of the computer applications utilized in the field of Industrial Design. We will discuss and explore the connection between computer technology and the design process with a series of hands-on design exercises. We will develop a basic understanding of the operation and application of several computer design tools; and use several programs in conjunction with one another to produce effective presentation materials.

This semester will focus on 2D applications. We will focus on the Adobe Creative Suite and learn about programs like Illustrator (a vector based application), Photoshop (a pixel based application), InDesign (a booklet layout application), Premiere (a video editing application), After Effects (a video graphics creation application) and Acrobat (a PDF creation application). We will make use of a few other applications (Keynote, Sketchbook Designer, iBooks, etc.) to help round out the design tools.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students are expected to demonstrate knowledge, skill and abilities in the following areas:

  • Understand how computer aided industrial design (CAID) fits into the overall design process and how to use it with traditional methods
  • Learn how to apply variety of programs into the CAID process
  • Illustrate and render products in 2D & 3D
  • Rendering “soft good” products in 3D
  • Prototype an interface
  • Create research videos
  • Make an interactive booklet


None but non-ID students require a permit.

Course Materials


Class Time & Location

Tuesday & Thursday

Section A & M1 – 8:05 – 9:25 am

Section B & M2 – 9:35 – 10:55 am

Computing Lab – Room 359




1 Class Introduction What is CAID?
Photoshop – Lesson 1
“Product Illustration”

Illustrator – Lesson 1

Illustrator – Lesson 2
3 Illustrator – Lesson 3
PDF Creation
Assignment 1 Due
 “Product Rendering”

Photoshop – Lesson 2

Photoshop – Lesson 3
5 Photoshop – Lesson 4 & 5
Assignment 2 Due
“Product Redesign & Material Study”

Design Exploration Tree

Illustrator – Lesson 4 & 5
7 Photoshop – Lesson 6
Assignment 3 Due
 “Product Perspective”

Perspective Layout

Illustrator – Lesson 6
Fall Break
Assignment 4 Due
“Product Interface”

UI Design Principles

Axure – Lesson 1 & 2
11 Axure – Lesson 3 & 4
Assignment 5 Due
“Product Poster”

Graphic Design Principles

Illustrator – Lesson 7 & 8
“Product Tutorial”

Motion Graphics

Assignment 6 Due
14 After Effects – Lesson 1 & 2 After Effects – Lesson 3 & 4
Assignment 7 Due


Assignment 8 – “Product Booklet”

InDesign – Lesson 1 & 2

InDesign – Lesson 3 & 4
Assignment 8, Past Due andRegrade projects are due.

Product Illustration

Students recreate an existing product in orthographic views using Illustrator. Students use tools such as the pen, line and shape to create the views, making sure lines connect properly and have proper line weight.

Product Rendering

Students create 2D renderings of the existing product in Photoshop. Students need to render all views with the same light source, match materials as close as possible, and minimize the use of the line drawing.

Product Redesign & Material Study

Students redesign one view of a handheld device using the Design Exploration Tree and then render alternate materials using Layer Comps in Photoshop.
intro - Project 3a Image
Intro - Project 3b Image

Product Perspective

Using Illustrator, students layout a perspective view of their handheld device.  Photoshop is then used to create a rendering of the device.

Product Poster

Students layout a poster to present their handheld device.

Product Interface

Students design a interface mockup for their handheld device.

Product Tutorial

Students create a video to demonstrate of their handheld device works.

Product Booklet

Students create an interactive booklet of their projects from this semester.



Illustrator Tutorial Page – Collection of links to tutorials developed for this course as well links to online tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial Page – Collection of links to tutorials developed for this course as well links to online tutorials

Axure Tutorials

Adobe TV – A wide variety of more advance topics

Intro to Computing I Playlist

Lynda Tutorials – Free access for students & faculty, great collection of tutorials for a wide variety of software

(Must be GT student/faculty to use links below)
Playlist of Software


Lesson 1,  Lesson 2,  Lesson 3


Lesson 1,  Lesson 2,   Lesson 3


Lesson 1,  Lesson 2,   Lesson 3


Lessons 1 & 2,  Lessons 3 & 4,   Lessons 5 & 6


Lesson 1,  Lessons 2,   Lessons 3



Adobe Creative Cloud – Subscription service through Adobe’s website –

Adobe Creative Cloud – Subscription service through JourneyEd’s website –

SRS Personal Store – Window and Office Products –

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