Maya MASH Network

One of the modeling/animation tools in Maya is called MASH.  Using a single object (a cube in the examples below), a wide variety of patterns can easily be created.  Details such as position, rotation and scale can be adjusted along with individual object colors.  These are examples of different patterns using the  Maya MASH Network tool.  These were created for the Advance Rendering Technique course.  Videos on how to create them can be found on the SoID Video Library under the Maya & Visual Effects channel.

The different types of MASH nodes that can be added.  Many of them are for animations of patterns.


KeyVR allows you to view KeyShot files in the VR environment. You have to use it on a VR system with VR headset running. Currently, Cart 1 in the 2nd floor atrium has it installed. Instructions on how to log in and start the VR system is available by a QR code on a card attached to the front door of the cart. Here are several helpful links to learn KeyVR …

KeyVR Website:

KeyVR Manual:

Introducing KeyVR – One-Click VR:

KeyVR: Best Practice and Workflow:

Using KeyVR Connect:

screens – infotainment reviews

screens is a company that provides reviews and detail analysis of vehicle infotainment  systems.  A design can tryout and explore a dashboard in a vehicle right from their desktop.  Although full access is expensive, they do provide good resources in their free account, YouTube channel and monthly newsletters.

Website & free account: &


Example PDFs